Petrol Station

Thames petrol branding with line

Welcome to our petrol station page of our website. Here you will find some information about what we sell on our forecourt and some useful information and links to areas  on our website.

On our petrol forecourt, which is branded Thames, we sell 3 grades of fuel.

Unleaded, Super Unleaded & Diesel.

Please note: we no longer sell LPG for cars. Only available as Calor Gas cylinders.

We accept the AllStar fuel card.               Allstar one black fuel card

Our Fully stocked forecourt shop is like no other and has a wide range of products available for all your needs.  We sell fuel additives in our  shop such as Forte & Adblue.  Along with the petrol fuels, we sell a range of seasonal fuels such as House coal, kindling & logs.   Click here to see our full range of seasonal items and some of our other products.

adblue whith blue background

Have you just filled up your car with the wrong fuel? Then don’t worry, we have you covered. Read about our fuel draining service on our workshop page. Give us a phone and we can arrange to get you Recovered back to our garage and get the wrong fuel out your car.

Over they past 40 years we have been apart of a few different petrol brands starting with BP. We then signed a deal with Fina which when they moved out of Scotland we ended up back with BP until we eventually took on a contract with Jet for around 17 years. We finally joined the Thames family in the year 2000 which to this day we are still very proud to be apart of their team which is now part of the Highland Fuels family which is Scotland’s leading independent fuel distributor. You can see in our gallery some of the branding changed over the years and older pictures of how the site has changed over the years.


 highland fuels petrol tanker with highlands in background