Calor Gas & Campingaz 907

Updated on 23/04/22

There is still an on going shortage of Calor Gas Cylinders at the moment which is resulting in stock levels being difficult to get a hold of. We are trying our best to keep levels up where possible but unfortunately this is out of our control. Please don’t give our staff any abuse as this will not get you a cylinder either way. We are keeping trying to order as many cylinders as possible but due to the shortage of cylinders we are getting limited stock. We are not taking reservations or reserving cylinders for anyone and is strictly first come first serve. We are also on a 1 for 1 basis which means you need an empty cylinder to get a full cylinder. These also can not be inter changed for other cylinders. If you give a 5kg patio you can only get a 5kg patio. Please keep this in mind if purchasing a New appliance that requires a gas cylinder and make sure you have an empty cylinder before hand. We hope this will change once calor get more cylinders. All we can tell customers to do is keep phoning or coming in to see whether or not we have stock of the cylinder you require but please don’t take it out on our staff if we don’t have the cylinder as it is out with our control. We thank you for your understanding during this time.  


We stock a wide range of Calor gas cylinders & campingaz 907 plus accessories in store. See range of cylinders below.

Gas Accessories

We stock a small selection of the Calor gas regulators for Propane, Butane and Patio cylinders. We also stock the orange gas hose. This is stocked in a roll so can be cut to any length required however the minimum cut is 1 metre length. This comes with 2 hose clips per cut.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the availability and prices of our gas cylinders. Click here for contact details.

Gas Cylinders

3.9kg4.5kg5kgCube Gas
6kg7kg13kgCampingaz 907
6kg Calor Lite15kg  
Red calor gas bottles
CamingGaz  907 Cylinder Blue sold at lennox service station