24 Hour Car Wash & Vac

Welcome to our 24 hour self valeting page. Our self valeting machines include our 6 option high pressure jet wash to get your car squeaky clean, Our vacuum cleaner with a new fragrance spray to allow you to give the inside of your car a clean and we have a tyre pressure machine to allow you to check your tyres pressures with an optional of topping up your screen wash bottle too. See below for more information on all our Self Valeting machines which are all coin operated to allow to be open 24hrs a day 7 days a week including holiday which we close early.

Jet Wash

Red 24 hour Car wash at night on lennox service station

Our high pressured jet car wash has a number of different options to suit all your cars needs.  Including high pressure shampoo, wax rinse and a wheel clean which focuses on your alloy wheels.  We have the hot soapy brush to help get your car that squeaky clean.

We have 6 options on the jet wash which you can choose how you would like to clean your car. Starting in order from the top and work your way to the bottom.

  1. Alloy wheel clean – (Wand)
  2. Hot shampoo – (Wand)
  3. High pressure shampoo – (Wand
  4. Hot foam Brush – (Brush)
  5. Wax rinse – (Wand)
  6. high pressure rinse – (Wand)

Give your car a good self wash from as little as £1.00 per 3 minutes.  Located to the rear of the petrol station entrance via the left hand side.

Please note we have lighting (as seen above) 24 hours per day to allow you to wash your car even at night, to suit your personal needs.

Back & white round Infinity wax logo on lennox service station page

We have a range of products available for helping remove that deep grim from years of dirt which can be sprayed on or spray the Alloy wheels with a cleaner and then easily washed off while using our high pressure jet wash. You can also give the car a once over with one of the rapid details once washed clean with the jet wash or give the tyres a coating to give your vehicle that shine new showroom look once again.  Check out the Infinity Wax range here.

Vacuum Cleaner & Fragrance Spray

Lennox Service Station Red 24 hour Vacuum cleaner and Fragrance spray

We have a vacuum cleaner available for use in your car interior.  There is an option once you have completed cleaning to give your car a spray of fresh fragrance. We have Nucar, Cherry & lemon scents which get changed regularly.

If you don’t fancy the fragrance spray then you could always treat yourself to one of our air fresheners in store. We also have a range of spray air fresheners in a bottle from Infinity Wax. Check out the page for more information.

Why not come on down and give your car a brand new feeling from as little as £1.00. Located to the rear of the petrol station before the Car wash.

This is also available 24 hours a day with lighting to allow you to hoover your car even at night, to suit your personal needs.

Air Line & Screen Wash

Lennox Service Station Red 24 hour air line and screen wash dispenser

We have a 24hr air and screen wash machine available for every day use.

50p for the air line use and £2.00 gives you 5 litres of ready mix screen wash.
If you are wanting to use both then if you start with the £2 for screen wash and after the screen wash runs out of time then it still allows you a little time to check the tyres as well.

Our air line is set in PSI but there is a button you can hold (BAR/PSI) and it will allow you to set the pressure as bar and will change to psi.

Check the table below to see what the lowest and highest pressure you can use. There is also a Flat button which you can push if you tyre is completely flat or is very low in pressure and it will allow the compressor to inflate your tyre back up to its normal pressure.


Please note tyre pressures are different on every vehicle and we can not give you an exact tyre pressure for your vehicle. You will find this information on the panels of either your driver or passenger door, the petrol flap of your vehicle or your vehicle manual. If you can’t find this information please ask a member of staff and we will try and advise you as best as we can.

This is available at the front of the forecourt 24 hours per day to allow you to check your tyre pressures and top up screen wash if required even at night, to suit your personal needs.