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Welcome to our website for Lennox Service Station. Please feel free to have a look about and see our wide range of products & services available. See our latest offers page or join us on Facebook too keep up to date with all our posts & news. Below is some useful information to give you some incite & history about our business over the last 40+ years.

Lennox Service Station is an independent family run business which has been providing garage services to the Lennoxtown community and beyond for over 40 years. On the 15th March 1979, our very own Mr James McGregor moved from the garage on Crosshill Street after being there for roughly 15 years, to the Garage on the Main Street where it stands today.  As you can see from the picture attached, the fuel brand at that time was MP fuels (Mansfield Petroleum) which was bought by the company we know today as Thames petroleum.

We have been apart of the community of lennoxtown for over 40 years located in the heart of the main street, providing different services to the village and beyond,   with over 55 years experience.  We are located about 10 miles north of Glasgow, situated at the foot of the beautiful Campsie Fells. The site is fronted by the Thames Petrol Station which sells Unleaded, Super Unleaded & Diesel fuels. The shop also sells products which you wouldn’t normally find in petrol stations, such as pet food and pet accessories. To see what other products we sell click here.

Only the site wasn’t as big as it is today. There has been many many years and hours of hard work put in to build the business up and with a lot of help from friends over the years to get us to where we stands today. As you might see from the pictures attached on this page or click here to see more pictures in our gallery. In 1979 there was only a small shop, 1/4th of the size that it is now. There was no canopy above the petrol pumps and only 2 workshop bays for repairs. The petrol brand in the picture (white) was Fina at that time.

In 1980 the canopy was built over the petrol pumps, Which again you might see this in the pictures with the Fina branding.

As the years went on and the space in the shop got smaller with stock, a decision was made to extend the shop space by taking away the back store room and then building a new extension to the side creating the shop size as it is today. The workshop had 2 workshop bays up until roughly 8 years ago when we finally extended the workshop into 4 workshop bay’s, with half being a MOT testing station, which is as it stands to this date. You will see the 2 workshop bays as they originally looked many years ago in a few of the pictures.

We have been apart of a few different petrol brands over the years which you can read about this on our petrol station page.

We are one of a kind as there is not many small, family run, petrol station with a workshop garage attached left, which provides a wide range of stock, from confectionary to pet food. From car care to nuts & bolts, an old style garage in a small community.  Customers can expect a friendly welcome and helpful expert advise from any members of our staff. We will try our best to find the best solution for a problem you may have where we can and if not we will try our best to come up the an alternative solution to resolve it.
If we don’t have something in stock that you are looking for then we will try our best to find it and get it for you.

Please feel free to send us any old pictures you may have of either the garage where it stands today or if anyone has any picture of the old garage on crosshill street we would love to see these. We can add these to our gallery for all to see.

We are also a large stockist of Calor gas cylinders and sell seasonal items such as house coal and kindling in winter, and charcoal and disposable BBQs in summer.

The workshop and MOT station has a highly experienced workforce for servicing and repairing almost any make and model of vehicle, no matter the age. Find more information here.

We have a 24hr self valeting services on site from as little as £1.00.  See more information and on the self valeting page.

Being a small independent family run business, it is very hard to keep up with big competitors out there but we try our best to help you save where we can. We would like to thank all our old, new & future customers for all there support because we are providing a service for you but if it wasn’t for you, then we wouldn’t be where we are today.

From all the team, Jim, Stuart, Scott, Gavin & Robert at Lennox Service Station.

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