Car Repairs & MOT Testing

Welcome to our workshop shop page. Here you will find information about most of our car repairs and other services that we offer. Our garage has a fully modernized work shop & mot bay with fully trained and qualified mechanics with many years of experience and knowledge. We are a small, friendly family owned firm, which we have been in the motor trade for many years even before Lennox Service Station was established in 1979 on the site it is today.

As a family run independent garage we take pride in the customer service that we provide and we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

As an independent garage we could save you money on your car repairs, servicing and diagnostics compared to mainstream dealers, whilst still offering the best quality service and much more that you would expect.

Having your car serviced and checked over regularly will help keep your vehicle in a good working order, and can identify any potential issues before they become a major issue. In the event of a major issue, we will always give you the best advise and steps to resolve the issue that we can once a problem has occurred.

Please feel free to explore our services we provide and don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we can help you with.

We have partnered up with Payment Assist to offer to our customers a way of paying up an unexpected car repair when times are difficult. What payment assist offers is to help you split the cost over 4 payments which is 0% interest free.

How it works:

1) You have an unexpected car repair for £400

2) Pay £100 deposit and get your car back on the road

3) Then pay £100 per month for three months

Speak to a member of staff for more information or see the link to payment assist website below for more information:

Terms & Conditions apply

***This is on the understanding that your are approved by payment assist when signing up. The day you sign up, payment assist will take the first payment from your account as a deposit to insure you have the funds for payment. We can then carry on with the work and once the job is completed you can pay the balance over 3 payments. If you are declined for payment assist, unfortunaly you will need to pay for the repair yourself.


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Car repairs at Lennox Service Station are shown as a group of colourful images


MOT Testing

round MOT logo

We offer MOT’s for class 4, cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3000kgs.  We can MOT motor caravans where they will fit on our lifting equipment. Call us during our opening hours or come along to speak to a member of staff to arrange your yearly or 1st mot test.

We can MOT taxi vehicles provided they are within East Dunbartonshire Council area and supply the relevant certificates.


Servicing & Car Repairs

Repair with spanner

We service and repair all makes and models of cars.  From your new vehicles to your old classic cars. If your car is under the 3, 5 or 7 year warranty, we will use Genuine dealer parts for your service. This will ensure the correct service schedule is met for your car.  Alternatively we can use after-market Mann Filters which we can provide a Certificate of Quality which covers the warranty.  We use good quality Engine oil in your service and check with the Comma oil recommendations to make sure your car is running on the correct Engine Oil.  If your car is under the manufacturers warranty, we can again provide a copy of the Engine Oil Certificate of Quality form. Check your oil recommendations here.

Comma Oil logo on Lennox Service Station page/

As part of our service, we change the necessary filters that are required and we check all your brakes to make sure they are clean and freely working. We check your water levels and top up if necessary. If you require any additional work on top of the service, we like to inform our customers before going ahead with any necessary.

Mann filter on Lennox Service Station page

After your car has left the work shop, we always give it a quick clean with our vacuum and a clean of the outside with our jet wash.  This is a free service that we provide when we service your vehicle. Your can check out our 24hr Self valeting service here. We also add 1 of our personal little red van air fresheners free of charge after a service. These can be purchased for £1 in our forecourt shop.

General Repairs

General Repairs

We repair many different things every day from brake pads & discs to full exhaust systems. Coil packs to wheel bearings. Clutches, suspension arms, link rods, coil springs.

If you have any mechanical problems or faults, don’t hesitate to give us a phone to arrange an appointment to get your car checked and repaired.

Our mechanics try their best to do a job to the best of our abilities and by using good quality parts at the best possible price for our customers. We know some parts can be very expensive to repair cars and we will try our best to keep them as low as possible for you. We will always try and come up with the best solution to repair a vehicle and it may even save you money.  Give us a phone or coming in and speak to a member of staff if you are having any problems with your vehicle.



Even if its just a bulb. Give us a phone because we can help you out. We stock a wide range of car bulbs in our forecourt shop from as little as £1. If we don’t have the bulb your are looking for. It may be because it is a special bulb and would need to be ordered it. Usually this can be same day but sometime its the next working day.
If we are fitting the bulb for you we usually charge a small fitting fee depending how much you need to remove to fit the bulb. Please drop in or give us a phone if you ever need a bulb fitted and want a price.


Bundle of tyres

Tyres, Batteries & Wiper Blades

Even though general mechanical car repairs are important, Tyres wiper blades & batteries are a big priority to be check.

We can arrange to have tyres fitted on site. Our prices are very competitive and we will try our best to get different makes of tyres for you if requested. We generally recommend a middle of the road tyre. For more information then please do not hesitate to contact any member of staff.

car Battery
Wiper blade

We will supply and fit batteries and/or wiper blades to your car. We hold some stock for these items however others may require to be specially ordered in. Usually same day or if not next day. (Weekends not included). Fitting may come with a small additional fee.

We can test your old battery before we renew it and print put a report for you on request. When we fit a new battery we check the charging system to ensure the power supply is accurate.

If you need a leisure battery then we can supplies these too.


2 & 4 Wheel Alignment

Is your car tyres wearing on the inner/outer edge?
Is your car Pulling to one side?
Have you hit the kerb recently?

Then this could be because you need your wheel alignment checked.
There is many other reason for requiring a wheel alignment check. Such as tire underinflation, unbalanced tires, worn shock absorbers/tie rod ends.

When we change suspension arms or track rod ends we check your wheel alignment and adjust if necessary.

We offer a 2 wheel alignment and also a 4 wheel alignment checks on site. We can arrange for your car to left with us for this to be checked. If you want to wait, we can try and arrange a time that suits you. You can even enjoy a snack, cold drink or relax with a hot drink from our fully shocked shop.

Lennox Service Station 2 & 4 wheel alignment

***Please note prices shown above are including vat but are “prices from”. Which means extra charges may apply for adjusting when adjustment bolts are seized resulting in taking longer for our mechanics to adjust and set up our wheel alignment. Normally everything goes to plan and no extra charges are applied***

locking wheel nut 

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

We have a specialist locking wheel nut removal tool to remove damaged locking wheel nuts or if you have lost or miss placed your locking wheel nut tool.

Aircon Re-gas

Air Conditioning Re-gas

Lennox Service Station Air conditioning sign

2 of our mechanics have the qualified certificates for Air-Conditioning re-gas. We can provide Aircon Re-gas & car repairs for both gases listed below.

Did you know you should use your aircon system all year long & not just when the weather is warm. 

It’s a quicker way to defrost your windows on a cold and frosty morning.

We offer a Aircon Re-Gas service on site for both the old and the new gases.

Old – R134a & New – R1234yf. 

*Please note the 2 gases are non interchangeable. 

We can re-gas All types of vehicles including hybrid, electric cars, 4×4, vans.

We can provide a full print out report on completion of the process.

Please contact a member of staff of more information. 


Number Plates

We can supply and fit new number plates to you car. This can be for a mot or a change to a private plate. These are make for you on site. There is a range of different options available for printing. See our range and what documents you need to bring with you on our shop page. (under the title Number Plates & metal Pressed Signs.)



We use the latest diagnostics machine to check your engine faults.

What is a car Diagnostics check?

This is when we plug a diagnostic machine into the vehicle to allow the car to tell us what or where the problem or fault has occurred. Its a way of the car communicating with us to let us know what is wrong. This may be your engine management light that has come on or another warning light on your vehicle. We can also reset most service lights after the car has been in for a service.

Once we have worked out what the problem is, we can get the necessary car repairs sorted for you to get your vehicle back on the road.

Diagnostic machine
Every had a problem with your Diesel vehicle DPF filter chocking up with soot?

Then give is a call and we can help you out.

We can us a DPF doctor to help eat into the soot in your DPF filter. Then we run a regen (when possible) to blast out all the soot from the filter. In a result, giving you diesel car a new feeling once again.


Fuel Draining

A car is being filled with the wrong fuel. Lennox Service Station provides fuel draining as part of its car repairs.

Wrong Fuel in your tank? Don’t worry we can help you.

Have you ever find yourself in the situation where you have accidently put diesel into your unleaded car? Or unleaded into you diesel? Then we can help.

In our workshop we can drain your fuel tank with specialist equipment. This removes the contaminated fuel from your petrol tank. Don’t Worry if you are at another petrol station. We offer a recovery service for you.

We recommend and advise you not to start the engine or drive the car any distance as the contaminated fuel may cause further damage to your vehicle.

If this ever happens to you, Contact us straight away to get advise from one of the members of staff.

If necessary we can come and uplift your vehicle at the petrol station and bring you back to our premises. Then we will drain the contaminated fuel before refilling your car with the correct fuel. You may need a new fuel filter depending whether you have started the engine or not.


Tunit Performance Tuning

Need more power in your car? Here at Lennox Service station we can supply and fit Tunit performance boxes. For more information click here.

Tunit Performance Tuning