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Welcome to the shop page of our website, here you can have a look at some of the products that are available for purchase in our fully stocked shop.

If there is anything that we don’t have in stock, you can speak to a member of staff who can try and find out if we can get the product that you are looking for, for you.

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Engine OilHouse Hold & HardwareNumber Plate & Metal Pressed Signs



Treat yourself to something sweet from our extensive range of confectionary. This includes chilled drinks, Crisps and a choice of ice creams.  We stock a wide range of sweets & chocolate including a wide range of one pounder products.  You will find our prices are very competitive, and we have some great offers too.  Why not check out our offers page and see what promotions might tempt you…

We now stock traditional Italian ice cream which is made close to home over in Milngavie.
COLPI ice creams tubs available to buy –

  • 120ml – which comes with its own spoon.
  • 500ml – to allow you to take home and share with friends.
  • 1L – to allow to you to take home and share with friends for all to enjoy and last that wee bit longer…
  • 2L – We do not stock these in store but can be ordered in for special occasions on request.


Pet World


Don’t just treat yourself, treat your pet too! We have a range of pet food & bird food. We also have some pet accessory’s in store to view and buy.

We stock pet foods in a range of sizes from 500g, these are:dog cat & rabbit with red background

  • Bird peanuts
  • Wild Bird Food
  • Black Sunflower seed
  • Niger Seed
  • Budgie Seed
  • Exotic Bird Food
  • Canary Seed
  • Parrot Food
  • Rabbit Mix
  • Excel Rabbit Nuggets
  • Guinea Pig Mix
  • Fruity Nuggets
  • Hamster & Gerbil Mix
  • Fish flakes

All of the above can be provided in larger quantities – please order in store.

We stock some bird treats like budgie bells & millet spray along with bird grit and sand sheets for the bottom of bird cadges.

Hay, straw and grass bedding for smaller animals like rabbits and guinea pigs are also available along with 3 sizes of sawdust shavings. We sell a few more accessories for small animals, for more details please see in store.

Cat litter is available in 3 different sizes.

We stock a range of dog treats from rawhide bones in various sizes to individual small dog chews.  We have a NEW range of dog treats available in store. MUNCH & CRUNCH snacks which range from a selection of £1 packs to the MUNCH & CRUNCH bikkies larger packs of treats at £1.50. Give your dog a treat with the best food for your best friend.



We have a range of seasonal items in stock. See table below.

Winter Summer
20kg House Coal Disposable BBQ’s
Kindling 2x 1kg Charcoal
Real wood Logs 5kg Charcoal
Peat Briquettes 10kg Charcoal
Rock Salt (size Varies) BBQ Lighters
Fire Lighters Charcoal lighter Fluid
Fibre Lighters
4L Paraffin

We also stock car accessories over the winter time such as De-icer, scarpers, screen wash & much more.  Over the summer months we stock up more range of car cleaning accessories however these are still available throughout the year on a limited range.  See our car care section for more information.

Car Care


We stock a wide range of car care accessories.  Some include your basic magic/little trees to your car polishes. We stock many different scents of the magic/little trees range from the common favourites like Black Ice or New Car to the more interesting ones such as Mai Tai or Citrus Flames. We have many different types of other brands of air fresheners too. Our wide range of car air fresheners gives you a chance to grab your favourite or try something new.

We are a 5 star stockist of Auto Glym products and stock a wide range of Auto Glym polishes.


We have just started selling a New range of Infinity Wax with a wide selection of products from rapid detailers to air fresheners sprays. Check out the Lennox Service Station Infinity Wax page to see all of the products available. If we don’t have a product that you are looking for please or you want to purchase a 5L in any of the products then please speak to a member of staff and we will see if we can order this for you for same day or next working day Monday to Friday.

Our wide selection of car care is available for you to check out and see the different brands that we have to offer to give the inside of your car the clean it deserves.  Why not pop along and have a look at what we have to offer.

Why not have a look at our offers page to see if there are any offers available.


We stock a range of car fuse from the micro fuses to the mega fuses along with the common standard middle size too.
We also have a range of car batteries in stock along with a wide range of wiper blades & Car bulbs. See our workshop page for more information.

We have a range of car mats available for you to choose, from the luxury heavy duty rubber to the carpet mats.

Fuel Additives


We sell a range of different fuel additives such as Forte Gas treatment & Forte Diesel treatment. We have a few other Forte treatments such as DPF cleaner.

We now sell Diesel Power Plus for any diesel Engine improving power and economy. This is part of the TUNIT Products.

We also sell Adblue treatment for the diesel vehicles. If you ever need a hand filling this up then ask a member of staff and someone will be able to help you out. (additional charge may apply)

Engine Oil


We stock a large range of Comma Engine oil in store for your vehicle. If you can’t tell what oil is for you, then we can help recommend the correct oil for you vehicle. Speak to a member of staff in store or find out on the link here.

House Hold Hardware


We stock some house hold essentials such as light bulbs and plug sockets to the wide Duracell battery range. We cut house hold keys, both mortise keys and Yale shaped keys. We sell bushes for indoor & outdoor use with a few other items too.

We have a wide range of different things such as padlocks, duck tape, different sizes of paint brushes, a wide range of nuts & bolt, a range jubilee clips & a selected range of tools. Why not have a look at what we have in our fully stocked shop.


Number Plates Metal Pressed Signs

NUMBER PLATES & METAL PRESSED SIGNS                              

We can make you new number plates for your car or if you need a private plate made up, then we can make these for you on site.

All you need to bring is proof of identity – ie driving Licence, and proof of Entitlement – ie Vehicle V5 form, and we can make you a fresh set of number plates.

We have a range of different styles we can make up for you. See below:

  1. We make all our standard number plates with a black border around the edge, as personal we think it looks much smarter with the border. This can be requested without a border if preferred.
  2. If you would like to upgrade to the next step with a fantastic large Scotland flag to the left hand side of your number plate then this option is available with an extra £1 charge per number plate. This option is only available on the oblong standard shaped number plates.
  3. If you would like to go more fancy and upgrade to a 3D font style number plate which looks really good on your vehicle then this option is available too with a slightly higher charge. This option is available on all number plates as its made on site.
  4. If you would like both of the above then this is available. We have samples in store if you would like to see the design before you make up your mind.

The 3 different number plates that we can make on site is as follows:

  • oblong Standard car number plates
  • Motor bike number plates
  • 4 x 4 number plates (use for square trailer plates)

We have a special offer when purchasing 2 number plate at any one time. This offer only applies to the oblong Standard car number plates. See our special offers page to see what offers are available.

If you would like a sign made out of a number plate then we have a programme which allows us to provide this service. This can be made with black text only but can be made to your requests.

We don’t make the metal pressed signs on site but we can order them to be made up and delivered to the garage usually within 5 – 10 working days ready for pick up.  We have a few different samples in the shop to allow you to see them before ordering. You can pick a few different colour schemes which is on the order form and available for viewing along with the sizes. These signs look really good when put up on your garden shed and will last for years. If the Paint starts to fade or your change your colour scheme then you can always repaint it to your choose. All we ask when placing the order for the pressed signs, is that you leave a deposit as we need to pay for the sign upfront. We wouldn’t ask you to pay in fully until picking up the sign unless you would like the sign send to a different address. Speak to a member of staff for more information.